Category: Software

  • Arborealis


    2023. Arborealis is a light and sound installation designed to be presented in the forest at night. The piece uses Very Low Frequency recordings of atmospheric radio noise, along with synchronized lights against a background of trees to create an entrancing and meditative atmosphere. The plaque reads: These sounds are recordings of Very Low Frequency…

  • Interactive Sign with “Like” Button

    Interactive Sign with “Like” Button

    2023. An interactive sign for a rotating public art display. The artwork changes multiple times per week. The electronic sign allows the name of the artwork, year, and medium to be updated easily by changing values in a Google Spreadsheet, which is synced wirelessly to the sign. The arcade button allows members of the public…

  • That-a-way


    2022. As part of this collaborative project with Totally Legit, I created the lights and electronics for That-a-way, a large-scale Mutant Vehicle for Burning Man 2022.

  • The Simpsons Colonoscopy Party

    The Simpsons Colonoscopy Party

    2021. The Simpsons Colonoscopy Party is an interactive electromechanical experience built by me and Jeffrey Larson. It is a one-of-a-kind machine in a stand-up arcade game format. The player acts as doctor giving Homer Simpson a colonoscopy. It’s better to think of it more as a ride than a game. Like a real colonoscopy, it’s…

  • Visions


    2022, 3’x2’x2’, wood, metal, mirror, servo, LEDs A kinetic light sculpture. Mirrored hexagons replicate patterns in undulating animation. Exhibited at Chain Gang group art show at Passable in 2022.

  • UFO Chandelier

    UFO Chandelier

    2021. Aluminum, electronics. Exhibited at Chandelier Dreams, Passable, 2021 and at Lusio 2021.

  • Air Blaster Haunted House Effect

    Air Blaster Haunted House Effect

    2020. As part of Totally Legit’s Mask Maze at Covid House of Horrors, I created this motion-activated air blaster effect to “cough” on participants as they navigated the maze. This involved automating the firing of an off-the-shelf air vortex cannon toy. This device was painted matte black and hidden from the audience. It was activated…

  • Pocket Optus

    Pocket Optus

    2019, 8’x4’x4’, wood, optics, motors, LEDs, sculpting clay, miscellaneous found objects  Created with Jeffrey Larson. The piece appears at first as a microscope with controls set on a large table. Looking through the eyepiece the viewer realizes there is much more than meets the eye. Hidden inside the table are multiple model worlds which the…

  • Borealis Breaks

    Borealis Breaks

    2017. A sculptural installation featuring light and interactive sound elements. Exhibited at Electric Sky 2017. Created in collaboration with Jeffrey Larson. The interactive sound elements were created by taking ultrasonic positional readings of people passing nearby and feeding in to a live MIDI synthesis program created for the installation.

  • SOON


    SOON is a microsite exhorting the viewer to consider their mortality and the legacy they will leave behind. Created in collaboration with Cierra Jade Gonzales.