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Borealis Breaks

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A sculptural installation featuring light and interactive sound elements. Exhibited at Electric Sky 2017. Created in collaboration with Jeff Larson. The interactive sound elements were created by taking ultrasonic positional readings of people passing nearby and feeding in to a live MIDI synthesis program created for the installation.




SOON is a microsite exhorting the viewer to consider their mortality and the legacy they will leave behind. Created in collaboration with Cierra Jade Gonzales.


Skill Shot


Skill Shot is a pinball zine based in Seattle, publishing quarterly with a circulation of about 2500 printed issues. Skill Shot's web presence includes a WordPress blog with multiple custom features: Map- and list-based displays of pinball machines on location in Seattle, loaded live from a custom REST API service written in Rails and hosted [...]


Bird Box/Stand With Our Checkers

The Bird Box for Stand With Our Checkers, designed and launched in 48 hours, was a web-connected interactive hardware device to stimulate and react to discussion on Twitter. Built to withstand exposure to the elements and public crowds, this device provided live feedback to a protest crowd in Westlake Center in downtown Seattle.


WTF has McGinn Done?

WTF has McGinn Done? (WTFHMD) was a microsite promoting Mike McGinn's accomplishments during his first term as mayor of Seattle. Inspiration for this project was drawn from the similar site from Obama's first term. WTFHMD was an entirely static HTML/Javascript site with excellent performance. The site was designed and launched in 24 hours. Content was built [...]


En Plein Air Coffee Club

The En Plein Air Coffee Club (EPACC) is an informal gathering of cycle folk who like to drink coffee and play with camp stoves. Join us! Each week I’ll be posting directions to a new location for a Friday morning meeting.


Bird Box/GreenDrinks

The Bird Box for GreenDrinks is a web-connected interactive hardware device to stimulate and react to discussion on Twitter.


Bird Box/Smash Putt

The Bird Box for Smash Putt is a web-connected interactive hardware device to stimulate and react to discussion on Twitter. The Bird Box was designed to withstand a barroom atmosphere. This Bird Box was also used at the 2013 Seattle Mini Maker Faire.


Picosat Satellite

The Picosat Inspector platform is a coffee-cup-size low-power inspection satellite that can be sent out to observe larger spacecraft. This project involved designing camera and GPS daughterboards for the Picosat platform in collaboration with the Aerospace Corporation. The design was deployed in to space from the Space Shuttle Endeavor on flight STS-113.