Résumé 2020-01-08T20:13:08-08:00

Andrew O. Cole


  • API development, software architecture, system integration, creative
    and interdisciplinary projects
  • Working with a team to deliver robust, complete code in a tight
    development/release cycle
  • Commitment to best practices in source control, issue tracking,
    automated testing, code review, and documentation
  • Architecting complex systems with well-defined component boundaries
    and interfaces
  • Maintaining a pragmatic, flexible, and productive approach to
  • Picking up new technologies and becoming an effective contributor
    within hours


Golang, Ruby, Rails, GNU/Linux, AWS, Heroku, MySQL, Javascript/HTML/CSS


SUSE Linux, Seattle, WA. 3/2017 to present.

Senior Software Engineer. Backend development for SUSE Container as a Service Platform

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Seattle, WA. 9/2015 to 3/2017.

Senior Software Engineer. Backend development for HPE Stackato v4, an all-new
enterprise PaaS product built on top of Kubernetes.

Oui Street, Seattle, WA. 1/2014 to 9/2015.

Cofounder. Oui Street is a software development consulting company
focused on providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to interesting

ActiveState, Vancouver, BC. 5/2012 to 7/2014.

Software Engineer. Backend API and server development for Stackato, a
sophisticated enterprise PaaS (platform as a service) product base on Cloud Foundry. Working remotely
from Seattle.

Nine Summer, Woodbridge, CT. 4/2008 to 5/2012.

Software Engineer. Backend web development consulting for a wide range
of clients. Working remotely from Seattle while remaining a tightly-
connected and integral team member. Portfolio of projects on request.

PI Corporation, Seattle, WA. 4/2006 to 4/2008.

Software Engineer. Building Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails applications
for the desktop, connected to Amazon S3 and application servers
on EC2. Building a custom Rails interface to a proprietary

Freelance Web Development. 5/2004 to 4/2006.

Consulting to small businesses for web development and IT needs.


Harvey Mudd College, Bachelor of Science in Engineering, 5/2004.

A diverse degree covering many engineering disciplines.