The Simpsons Colonoscopy Party

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Project Description

2021. The Simpsons Colonoscopy Party is an interactive electromechanical experience built by me and Jeffrey Larson. It is a one-of-a-kind machine in a stand-up arcade game format. The player acts as doctor giving Homer Simpson a colonoscopy. It’s better to think of it more as a ride than a game. Like a real colonoscopy, it’s disorienting and there is no way to win.

Homer’s colon is a physical model built inside the cabinet of the machine. When the player steers the colonoscope, an actual camera moves around on a trolley inside the model colon, with live video fed to the screen.

I was the primary artist on this project, responsible for the concept, robotics, fabric models, and software. Jeffrey worked on all the graphics for the cabinet art and on-screen elements, and the clay diorama pieces inside the doctor’s office.

Exhibited at Electric Sky 2021, Vermillion Art Gallery, NW Pinball and Arcade Show 2022

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