ActiveState Stackato is an industry-leading enterprise platform as a service (PaaS) product. This project involved building AOK, an all-new authentication and authorization system for Stackato. Requirements included high security and reliability, integration with existing Stackato APIs, and integration with customer authentication systems such as LDAP.

Skill Shot

Skill Shot is a pinball zine based in Seattle, with a circulation of about 2500. Skill Shot’s web presence includes a WordPress blog with multiple custom features:

  • Map- and list-based displays of pinball machines on location in Seattle, loaded live from a custom REST API service
  • Admin interface for updating pinball machine locations
  • Android location-based app that works off the same REST API

D3.js Automatic Label Placement

D3.js is a powerful visualization tool for the web, but a major shortcoming is its inability to intelligently place labels on elements such that labels do not overlap other elements or labels. This plugin implements automatic label placement for D3.js using the simulated annealing method. I substantially rewrote the API of this plugin for ease-of-use, and added support for labeling lines and areas in addition to points.

ShipIndex is a maritime history reference website compiling millions of citations of boats and ships in literature, journals, news, and online. This project started with upgrading an existing Rails 2 application to Rails 4.1, which required deep knowledge of the particulars of Ruby on Rails development across multiple versions. The Rails application and an accompanying WordPress blog were migrated to more secure, more reliable hosting with Heroku and WPEngine, respectively. New features are currently being added.

One interesting challenge with ShipIndex was a large reporting task that produces a gigabyte-scale XML file for consumption by a third party client. The existing implementation took about 7 hours to generate the report. By rewriting the report generator using the Go language, the report runtime was reduced to about 90 seconds.

WTF has McGinn Done?

WTF has McGinn Done? (WTFHMD) was a microsite promoting Mike McGinn’s accomplishments during his first term as mayor of Seattle. Inspiration for this project was drawn from the similar site from Obama’s first term. WTFHMD was an entirely static HTML/Javascript site with excellent performance. The site was designed and launched in 24 hours. Content was built automatically from a live Google Docs spreadsheet, allowing easy teamwork with non-technical collaborators, and simple re-deployments when content was updated.